Trump TRASHES Sean Spicer’s Cell Phone Checks, Signals Trump Team Implosion (VIDEO)

The Trump team is caving in on itself, and Donald Trump’s latest comments certainly won’t help.

Earlier today, Trump appeared on Fox & Friends where he blatantly criticized White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer. Addressing the mysterious and numerous leaks that have been coming out of the White House, Spicer was reported to be checking the professional and personal cell phones of White House staffers in the West Wing to make sure they weren’t involved in leaking any information. It was a drastic move, and we’ve never seen such distrust within an administration, and yet Trump still claims everything in the White House is running like a “well-oiled machine.” But something tells us that after Spicer hears what Trump just said, things are going to change.

In his exclusive White House interview, Trump admitted that he wouldn’t have handled the leaks the way Spicer did. Steve Doocey asked Trump:

“Sean Spicer asked his communication team, ‘Alright come on in everybody. Put your phone right over there. We have a leaker here. We’re gonna have the White House lawyer look at your phones.’ How intent are you on finding who the leaker or leakers are in your administration? Not just your communications team, but over at the State Department, maybe the intel community, everywhere?”

Trump first bragged about how great his press secretary was (even though there have been several reports that state Trump is unhappy with Spicer’s performance and would rather replace him with a woman). He said, “Well first of all, Sean Spicer is a fine human being. He’s a fine person.”

Then Trump criticized Spicer:

“I would have done it differently. I would have gone one-on-one with different people. I would have handled it different than Sean, but Sean handles it his way, and I’m OK with it.”

Hinting that he felt Spicer was going far too easy on staffers, Trump joked that if it were up to him, “there are things you can do that are a hell of a lot worse.”

You can watch Trump throw his press secretary under the bus below:


Featured image via Chip Somodevilla and Gary Gershoff / Getty Images