Trump Suggests White Anti-Semites NOT Attacking Jews – Who He Thinks It Is Will Make You Sick

There’s been a spate of attacks on Jews around the U.S. recently, including destroying Jewish cemeteries and issuing bomb threats to Jewish community centers and synagogues. Trump did condemn rising anti-Semitism, but when asked about this growing threat earlier today, he suggested that something else could be happening. And it’s just flat-out sick.

In a meeting with several states’ attorneys general, he said:

“Sometimes it’s the reverse, to make people—or to make others—look bad.”

While he hasn’t clarified what he actually means by this, it sounds pretty clear. He thinks either that the Jewish community itself is doing this (why, we don’t know), or liberals are behind this to frame his white nationalist, Neo-Nazi, KKK and anti-Semitic followers. He said it was “reprehensible,” according to Pennsylvania’s attorney general, but it’s clear he’d rather believe in some kind of conspiracy than the fact that his supporters include people who want to eradicate everyone who isn’t straight, cis, white and Christian.

Shapiro says Trump used the word “reverse” two or three times in his remarks. That really does imply that he thinks Jews might be doing this to themselves (for what? Sympathy? Come on) because what’s the reverse of being an attack victim? Being the attacker. How vile and sick do you have to be to suggest that?

The White House, however, claims he didn’t suggest that at all. They did say that he thinks protesters—probably his phantom professional liberal protesters—are behind it. However, it’s kind of odd that this sort of mirrors what former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke has also said about the attacks:

Trump is a sick piece of worm-infested shit. We can’t end any of this with a president who refuses to acknowledge the problem because it means acknowledging that his core base is likewise a bunch of sick, worm-infested pieces of shit. It’s only going to get worse.

Featured image by Aude Guerrucci via Getty Images