White House Now Planting Fake Stories To Discredit Reporters Who Expose Trump’s Bullsh*t

Apparently, the White House is not pleased that the story of White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer furiously confiscating cell phones as he looks for the source of leaks…leaked. In fact, the Trump Team is so displeased that the decided to get a little payback against one of the reporters who exposed it.

Six hours after the story broke the Washington Examiner published a report claiming that the Alex Isenstadt, co-author of Politico’s report on Spicer’s leak hunt, laughed at the Navy SEAL Donald Trump’s stupidity killed in Yemen.

Isenstadt had asked Spicer about one of the leaks — a revelation Spicer had berated a junior spokesperson, Jessica Ditto, in the middle of a staff meeting, causing her to cry. “The only time Jessica recalls almost getting emotional is when we had to relay the information on the death of Chief Ryan Owens,” Spicer said, referring to the SEAL. The Examiner then reports:

Unsaid, according to White House officials, is that Isenstadt appeared dismissive and laughed at Spicer’s answer.

“He started laughing about that SEAL,” said one informed official, also upset at Politico’s “insulting” description of Ditto in the story as a “more junior spokesperson.”

In reality, Isenstadt chuckled at Spicer’s cartoonish reaction to the question. It didn’t take long for people to see what was going on:

As some noted, it is particularly hilarious that this was anonymously sourced — the exact kind of sourcing Trump says cannot be trusted. Apparently, we can expect to see more of this FAKE NEWS (am I doing that right?) anytime someone makes the Trump administration uncomfortable. Then, of course, there are the “dossiers” a Trump staffer says the administration has compiled to blackmail non-compliant reporters…

So, journalists — keep reporting everything you can about this corrupt administration until all of you are involved in the Pizzagate coverup. It means you have done your job well.

Featured image via Getty Images (John W. Adkisson)