WATCH: Fox Host Chris Wallace SMACKS Trump, Asks How Attacking The Media Creates Jobs

When one of Donald Trump’s minions appeared on Fox News Sunday to sell bullshit, Chris Wallace was not buying it.

For months, Trump has been launching vicious attacks on the media, even going so far as to call them the “enemy of the American people” and ban several news organizations from White House press briefings.

Trump says outlets like the New York Times and CNN are reporting on him inaccurately despite having no proof to support his claims.

Also, whining about things seems to be all Trump is capable of doing as he has also attacked the intelligence community, congressmen, businesses, Saturday Night Live, and anyone else who criticizes him.

So when Corey Lewandowski appeared on Fox on Sunday, Chris Wallace put the screws to him.

“The reason we invited you on in the first place, I want to talk about the Trump agenda with you,” Wallace began before playing video of Steve Bannon accusing the media of standing in the way of Trump’s “economic nationalist” agenda.

“These last couple of weeks of Mr. Trump’s first days in office have been dominated by attacks on the media and the intelligence community,” Wallace continued. “Do all of these attacks on the media and intelligence and opponents, does that get in the way of that message?”

Lewandowski responded by attacking the media, accusing the media of writing “100 percent factually inaccurate” reports. Lewandowski then repeated Trump’s demand that the media report what he tells them to report instead of investigating and digging for the truth.

“Why not just pursue his agenda?” Wallace shot back. “He may be right on that or he may be wrong. But how many jobs does that create?”

Indeed, attacking the media and the various people and entities that criticize him have not created any jobs for Americans. In fact, Trump is too busy focusing on his obsession with the media than he is on working on behalf of the American people. And that is causing him to lag in comparison to his predecessors, something Wallace was quick to inform Lewandowski about after he tried to claim that the media is forcing Trump to attack them.

“He’s falling behind where other new presidents have been at the same point in their term,” Wallace said.

Here’s the video via YouTube.

Donald Trump needs to seriously sort out his priorities and get his lazy ass back to work instead of using his time to whine. It’s unpresidential and will only give the media more to criticize him about.

Trump made a promise to create jobs in this country but he is apparently too busy worrying about what the media is saying about him to care about keeping it.

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