Trump Goes On DELUSIONAL Tweet Storm About Democratic Party Chair Election (DETAILS)

Donald Trump has no reason to give a shit about what is happening with the Democratic Party right now. He got elected president as a Republican, and right now the Democrats are trying to rebuild and elect new leaders. Of course, we all know that Tom Perez got elected Chair, and immediately named Keith Ellison his Deputy Chair in a clear effort to unite the two wings of the party.

There’s no reason for a GOP president who also has the benefit of controlling much of the nation’s governorships and state legislatures, as well as the federal government, to address this. However, it’s Trump, so of course he had something to say. In a classic early morning set of tweets, Trump used the DNC elections to talk about a “rigged” 2016 electoral process:

Now, how who is chair of the Democratic National Committee affects the Republican Party at this point is beyond me. As a Democrat, it is hard for me to admit this, but we are in a very weak position right now. So, the GOP really shouldn’t give a shit about what is going on in our party. However, Trump is a narcissist, so he MUST make himself become the story, no matter what the story is. This guy is a nut, so it’s useless trying to make his words or actions make sense.

At the end of the day, this is REALLY about his continuing inability to admit that he legitimately lost the popular vote by numbers never before seen in modern presidential history, while winning the Electoral College and thus the White House.

This guy is a delusional nutcase, and must be removed post haste, for the safety of the republic.

Featured image via Tama/Getty Images