Sean Spicer Whines That Someone Misreported His Birthplace And Gets SAVAGED By Jake Tapper (TWEETS)

On Saturday, the New York Times¬†put out a report on Donald Trump’s continued feud with the Lugenpresse¬†American news media — and, unsurprisingly, Sean Spicer took issue with it.

The report originally stated that Spicer was born and bred in New England. As it turns out, only half of that is true. Though Spicer did not respond to attempts to contact him, he lashed out on Twitter — which is apparently where we get official statements from the Trump administration — at the fake news media for fake newsing his birthplace.

“For the record @nytimes @grynbaum can’t even get where I was born right and failed to ask,” Spicer tweeted Saturday afternoon.

But, as was noted, they did ask — Spicer simply did not answer.

Since Spicer’s outburst, the story has been corrected to state that he is “New England bred” (but not born) and that Spicer would not go on the record about his correct birthplace:

Man, it must really suck to have someone get your birthplace wrong. CNN’s Jake Tapper stepped in to remind Spicer of a similar story about a man named Donnie and a certain fake Kenyan President:

Spicer’s boss repeatedly questioned whether or not President Barack Obama was an American citizen, leading the “birther” movement the Right adopted after some Hillary Clinton supporters began circulating false claims during the 2008 primary that he was really born in Kenya. He ¬†ultimately admitted that Obama was an American citizen during his campaign when the conspiracy theory became uncomfortable for The Donald, but his true beliefs on the matter are unknown. Here are just a few examples:

The White House Press Secretary’s Wikipedia entry was updated to include the new information about his birthplace:

Spicer could have responded, but instead took an insignificant detail from a substantive report to scream FAKE NEWS.

This administration is a disgrace.

Featured image via Getty Images (Chip Somodevilla)/screengrab