John Kasich: Completely Getting Rid Of Obamacare Is Just ‘Not Acceptable’ (VIDEO)

Ohio Governor and former Republican presidential hopeful John Kasich says that the GOP’s plan for a full repeal of Obamacare, which would leave millions without health insurance, is just “not acceptable.”

Appearing Sunday morning on CBS’s Face The Nation, Kasich discussed Congressional Republican’s determination to repeal the Affordable Care Act even though they don’t have a replacement plan. The Ohio Governor told host John Dickerson that Republicans are going to have to reach across party lines and work with Democrats if they hope to come up with a plan that will keep Americans from dying due to lack of health care.

“I mean there’s going to be a problem in the House of getting anything out of there that still provides coverage to people,” Kasich noted. “That’s why the Republicans have to reach out to some of the Democrats. I don’t know whether that’s going to happen.”

Dickerson pressed him, asking him to provide a deeper explanation.

“Well because I think there are some very conservative Republicans in the House who are going to say just get rid of the whole thing,” he stated. “And that’s not acceptable when you have 20 million people, or 700,000 people in my state, because where do the mentally ill go? Where do the drug addicted go?”

As a resident of Ohio myself, I’m not exactly sure when Kasich became the voice of reason. If my memory serves, it was sometime during the primaries when he showed that he was the only Republican still in the running who wasn’t batshit crazy. But I digress.

Kasich is right. Leaving millions of Americans without health insurance is simply “not acceptable” by any stretch of the imagination.

Watch Kasich’s interview, here:

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