Trump Just Threw The WORST Insult YET Out To The White House Press Corps

Donald Trump hates the press, unless the press is the far-right wing rags that kiss his ass nonstop, and report only what he likes. On Friday, Sean Spicer held a press gaggle in his office and included some of those rags, while excluding established media outlets with long histories in the White House. The AP and TIME Magazine boycotted the gaggle in solidarity with The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, CNN and Politico.

CNN and The New York Times hit back pretty hard, and the White House Correspondents’ Association likewise hit back. Now, with the White House Correspondents’ dinner coming up in a couple of months, Trump is yet again insulting the press. He just announced on Twitter he’s not going to attend the dinner this year.

The president generally attends the dinner and gets up onstage to poke fun at himself and everyone in existence, and it’s generally hilarious. Trump, however, is at war with the press as evidenced not just by Spicer’s treatment of certain media outlets, but also by his own speech at CPAC, where he railed against the “fake news” media.

He does it all the time on Twitter, too, and some press outlets are getting tired of it.

As far as the dinner, CNN and MSNBC have indicated that they might not attend this year. Vanity Fair and The New Yorker have both announced they won’t be there. A list of attendees hasn’t been published yet, but we can probably expect more outlets to refuse to attend even if Trump isn’t going to be there.

Featured image by Olivier Douliery via Getty Images