Trump Thinks Rush Limbaugh Is Real News And The Internet Mercilessly Responds

Rush Limbaugh praised Donald Trump’s insanely embarrassing press conference, so now he is referring to Limbaugh as real news.

It’s clear that Trump is going to continue calling any media outlets who criticize him “fake news.”

Trump even demanded during his press conference on Thursday that the media should take him at his word at all times and that he should get to decide when the media can write “bad” stories about him.

The public is — you know, they read newspapers, they see television, they watch. They don’t know if it’s true or false. Because they are not involved. I’m involved. I’ve been involved with the stuff all my life. But I’m involved. I know when you are telling the truth or when you are not…I know when I should get good and when I should get bad. And sometimes I say, wow, that’s going to be a great story, and I’ll get killed. I know what’s good and bad, I’d be a good reporter, but not as good as you. I know what’s good. I know what’s bad. And when they change it, and make it really bad, something that should be very positive, they’ll make it okay. They’ll even make it negative. I understand it. So because I’m there. I know what was said. I know who is saying it. I’m there.

In other words, Trump wants to lie his ass off and he wants the media to be his propaganda machine.

Rush Limbaugh is apparently fine with that and Trump praised him for it on Friday on Twitter.

Trump literally just called his critics “fake media” while suggesting that Limbaugh is real news because he said nice things about him.

The Internet showed no mercy.

Donald Trump is pathetic. Rush Limbaugh is a proven liar, racist, and sexist who will say anything to get attention. In short, it looks like Trump found his new BFF.

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