WATCH: CNN Host Fareed Zakaria ROASTS Trump For Embarrassing Press Conference With Netanyahu

Donald Trump embarrassed himself and the nation yet again when he hosted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday.

And CNN host Fareed Zakaria blasted Trump for being woefully unprepared.

Throughout the press conference, it appeared that Trump was making it up as he went along, often needing Netanyahu to jump in to answer questions.

“You can’t get a sense whether this was a seriously thought-out issue or, as happens so much with Donald Trump, he was just kind of winging it,” Zakaria told Don Lemon.

On whether he supports the two-state solution, Trump bragged that he and Netanyahu will strike a bigger deal.

Zakaria pointed out that the kind of deal Trump is talking about has been on the table for 15 years since the Arab League offered to recognize Israel’s existence in exchange of the creation of an independent Palestinian state.

So let’s just get this straight. A group of Arab nations offered Israel peace and all Israel had to do is go through with the two-state solution? Seriously!?

Clearly, Israel is standing in the way of peace.

Anyway, Zakaria also had a problem with Trump’s answer to a question about the rise of anti-Semitism since he was elected. Trump responded by bragging about his Electoral College win and then mentioned that he has Jews in his family as if that’s supposed to make everyone feel better about the rising anti-Semitism.

Zakaria said that all Trump had to do is condemn anti-Semitism and call out any of his supporters who are contributing to its rise. But to that would mean angering all of the white nationalists, including Steve Bannon, who support him.

“The whole thing was kind of surreal, and why it was embarrassing to watch a President be so under-briefed and by given this assist by the Israeli Prime Minister,” Zakaria concluded.

Here’s the video via YouTube.

Donald Trump needs to be better prepared for these press conferences. He is not going to be able to wing it for four years. The presidency is not something anyone can just “wing” and be successful at. That’s clear considering Trump has been a disaster since he first took office.

He needs to buckle down and start doing his homework. Maybe then he’ll be able to actually discuss the issues instead of humiliating himself and our country.

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