WATCH: Kieth Olbermann DESTROYS Trump For Mishandling Intelligence Way Worse Than Hillary Ever Did

Donald Trump continues to be a national embarrassment who is making our country less safe.

At Mar-a-Lago over the weekend, Trump threw a party for his friends and random guests. And as that party went on, Trump was receiving sensitive information from aides as pictures were being taken all around him. Someone even managed to take a picture of and with the guy carrying the nuclear briefcase that the president needs to order a nuclear strike.

Trump’s lax attitude when it comes to national security intel is particularly alarming and hypocritical since he repeatedly accused Hillary Clinton of being irresponsible because of her emails.

And Kieth Olbermann trashed Trump for it and pointed out that if Hillary Clinton has done what Trump is doing she would have been impeached immediately by the Republican-controlled Congress.

“It boggles the mind,” Olbermann began. “The president of the United States was reportedly receiving information vital to the security of the nation about a provocative North Korea missile test in a golf club restaurant.”

“Not merely in a setting of insecurity, but surrounded by and photographed by people who could be anything from gawking tourists to Russian agents. And if this cannot get worse, the president couldn’t be bothered to even leave the dinner to go to a slightly more private place where random passers-by cannot take souvenir pictures of a security briefing so they can post them later to Facebook.”

Oblermann went on to note that Trump staffers were trying to read the information handed to Trump via the flashlights on their cell phones, which can be hacked and used to transmit what they are reading to our enemies without them even knowing about it.

Olbermann then destroyed Trump’s hypocrisy.

“Trump slandered Hillary Clinton. You could argue Trump beat Hillary Clinton on charges on insecure handling of emails. Nothing she was ever accused of, nothing, comes close to this debacle near Trump’s version of the Bushwood country club during the Korean missile crisis…If Clinton had done just this, the Republicans would have impeached her before sunrise.”

Here’s the video via YouTube.

Donald Trump is reckless with our national security. His guests literally had a front row seat to the information he was being given. Any one of his guests could have easily been a spy from an enemy nation and they would now have information to use against us. This is a serious breach that Republicans in Congress must take seriously and that means they need to impeach Trump.

Our national security is not a game. It’s life and death for every American citizen.

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