Trump Is LITERALLY Kicking Off His 2020 Re-Election Campaign In Florida This Weekend

For the third time in a row, Trump will head down to Florida for the weekend because he can’t stand the White House. However, it seems that this particular weekend vacay is different: It’s a rally at Orlando International Airport, similar to the ones he held during his campaign. He’s even got a neat little graphic on his Twitter announcement, which also reads the way the ads for his campaign stops read:

Now, we already knew that Trump’s advisers were trying to figure out a way to allow him to keep holding rallies so he could stroke his ego while in office. That’s what his so-called “Thank-You” tour was all about. However, it seems that this one is a little different. White House press who’ve spoken to Spicer about it are saying the following:

It’s a campaign event, and it’s being paid for by the campaign, although speculation says otherwise:

Here’s more:


Yeah. He filed a letter with the Federal Election Commission saying he meets the candidacy threshold for 2020 on the day he was inaugurated, and now he’s holding campaign events. And Spicer is saying the campaign will pay for them. The campaign will pay for use of Air Force One and lodging for the Secret Service and all his aides? Sure.

But more than that, this is another way for him to avoid real work, and possibly to distract from the scandals mounting in the White House. He hates the business of being the president because he can’t do what he wants, when he wants and how he wants. He can’t be a dictator, and he can’t tolerate people actually telling him he’s wrong. But he can hold these rallies full of cheering people who admire him and hold him up as a god who’s right about everything.

This isn’t normal. This is terrifying.

Featured image by Mark Wallheiser via Getty Images