Corey Lewandowski Is Apparently Using Trump’s Twitter Account To Get Jobs (DETAILS)

Corey Lewandowski was Donald Trump’s right hand man up until the undeserving POTUS decided to fire him from his position as campaign manager. Even after being rejected by Trump, Lewandowski continued to humiliate himself on CNN by posing as Trump’s spokesperson while he happily accepted money from Trump. Things came to a head when Lewandowski realized he couldn’t get into the inauguration — but still hadn’t embarrassed himself enough. Apparently with all things Trump-related, it could always get worse!

According to a new report by Buzzfeed News, Lewandowski is using access to Trump’s Twitter account as an incentive for potential clients. Apparently, Lewandowski has already told potential clients like Facebook and financial group Blackstone Group that he can access the account, and four sources say that it’s become normal for Lewandowski to use Trump’s account as a selling point.

As usual, Lewandowski is choosing to deny the reports. When confronted by a Buzzfeed reporter who had spoken to these four sources, Lewandowski fired back:

“I know facts don’t matter to Buzzfeed but it’s not true.”

Lewandowski elaborated that he’d “never” even met with Facebook or Blackstone Group. Taking a page right out of Trump’s book, he said:

“I never met Blackstone. Please make sure you accurately report that! I doubt you will.”

Trump and the rest of his incompetent team have also stated that Lewandowski cannot access Trump’s beloved Twitter account.

There’s good reason to believe that Lewandowski would stoop low enough to use Trump’s social media accounts as selling points for clients. He was a major part of Trump’s team on the campaign trail, and we all know that anyone working this closely to Trump can’t possibly be an honest person. Lewandowski, much like his former boss, was a lying snake who would use anything to leverage his own success. It doesn’t seem out of character at all for Lewandowski to do this – and he likely learned that mentality from Trump himself.

Featured image via Joe Raedle / Getty Images