JK Rowling Is Absolutely Destroying Piers Morgan For Being A Sniveling Trump Groveler (TWEETS)

Washed up television personality Piers Morgan has had a rough 24 hours.

Appearing on Bill Maher’s Real Time, the Trump supporting former celebrity tried to defend Trump’s Muslim ban and justify “giving Trump a chance.” The rest of the panel was not interested in appeasing Trump’s bigotry. Most notably, Morgan got publicly humiliated by Australian comedian Jim Jefferies, who flatly told Morgan to take his defense of Trump and “f*ck off.”

It was beautiful.

Here’s the video:

But Morgan’s nightmare 24 hours were just beginning. Unable to let it go, Morgan immediately spent the next 12 hours screaming that he wasn’t owned on Twitter. As you might suspect, yelling “I’m not owned!” for half a day on social media almost assuredly means you were, in fact, owned.

Enter J.K. Rowling, who took the opportunity to further slay Morgan – kicking off a whole new series of meltdowns from Piers.

A brief run down of recent offenses that make seeing Piers Morgan be told to f*ck off extremely satisfying:

  • He suggested rape victims couldn’t suffer from PTSD
  • He claimed Lady Gaga made up her sexual assault for publicity
  • He has repeatedly defended Trump’s Muslim ban, using the lies of the administration to pretend it’s just “extreme vetting”
  • He went on a transphobic Twitter rant publicly attacking a guest on his own show

F*ck. Off. Piers.

Piers responded to Rowling’s brutal takedown by saying he’s never paid attention to Harry Potter (an obvious lie, considering he wrote an entire article about it). Rowling wasn’t impressed.

Then brought out the mic drop.

Piers Morgan was last seen still screaming “I wasn’t owned!” to anybody who will listen.

Featured image via Chris Jackson/Getty Images