WATCH: Fox News Literally Praises Last Jobs Report Under President Obama As Economic Win For Trump

Fox News insulted President Obama one last time by crediting Donald Trump for the good January jobs report.

Every time a positive jobs report was released during President Obama’s eight years in office, Fox News found something to criticize and even claimed that the numbers were being faked.

They desperately claimed that the economy was terrible under Obama and refused to acknowledge that jobs were being created in this country at a record-breaking pace never seen in this country before.

But on Friday, Fox News lavished praise upon Trump and giddily discussed the January jobs report released this week that shows 227,000 new jobs were added to the economy last month.

Fox & Friends host Heather Nauert hailed the report as “the first jobs report under President Trump” and called it “fantastic news.”

“Great news on the jobs front this morning,” she added before letting everyone know that this is something Trump can brag about.

Here’s the video via Media Matters.

This is absolutely hypocritical of Fox News. Prior to this report, President Obama oversaw a record 75 consecutive months of job growth in the United States and Fox refused to give Obama credit for this incredible economic achievement. But they are perfectly willing to give Trump all the credit in the world for a single jobs report.

And that jobs report is not Trump’s achievement. It’s President Obama’s.

Not only is Fox News being hypocritical propagandists as usual, they are totally wrong about it.

According to Media Matters,

University of Chicago economist Austan Goolsbee, a former chairman of President Obama’s Council of Economic Advisors, pointed out that the “reference week” for the latest jobs data ran through January 12, meaning the entire report predates the Trump administration by over a week. Washington Post reporter Glenn Kessler, who runs the paper’s fact-checking research, also noted that the report “still reflects the Obama administration.” Fox also neglected to mention that the report marks 76 consecutive months of job growth — the longest on record — for Obama.

In short, this jobs report should be credited to President Obama, which means his streak of consecutive job growth now stands at 76 months.

Media Matters also pointed out that Fox News whined about an even better jobs report in February 2015 that showed 257,000 jobs were added, much better than the report issued this week. But Fox chose to nitpick by complaining that unemployment had increased by 0.1 percent, which just so happens to be the same percentage increase in this January jobs report Fox is praising as an economic victory for Trump.

And that’s not all.

In October of that year, Fox & Friends stumbled through a news alert in which a host claimed the economy created “only 271,000 jobs … last month” even though that report, like the data released today, also beat expectations. Last January, Fox’s spin was to claim that 292,000 new jobs was “modest by historical standards,” though it was well over this month’s 227,000. And in April 2016 the network parsed the jobs data to conclude that a report showing 215,000 new jobs was unimpressive because 47,000 of those were allegedly low-quality retail positions — yet Nauert made no such comment about the 46,000 retail jobs included in today’s report. As Election Day drew near, Fox & Friends falsely claimed that steady jobs data for October 2016 were “underwhelming” and spun the news as a boon for Trump’s presidential candidacy.

So Fox News is literally changing the way they cover jobs reports, thus proving that they are Trump’s and the Republican Party’s propaganda machine. This is what fake news actually looks like.

For 76 months, Fox News trashed every positive jobs report to make it look like President Obama was overseeing a weak economy. The fact is, however, that President Obama is one of the strongest economic presidents in our nation’s history.

Featured image via Myside’s Spew