Trump Supporter Uses Patton Oswalt’s Dead Wife To Attack Him And Gets Righteously FIRED From His Job

Again, when will conservatives learn that their hateful social media activity can cost them their employment?

Because a real estate agent in Peoria, Illinois learned that the hard way this week after he viciously attacked comedian Patton Oswalt on Twitter for posting in support of former Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates after Yates was fired by Donald Trump for refusing to enforce an unconstitutional Muslim ban.

Apparently, that was enough to set off Trump supporter Tony Brust, who proceeded to attack Oswalt with a series of tweets that have since been deleted.

“I Tweeted out a very positive, very benign Tweet in support of Sally Yates, and her risky stand on principle, which cost her her job,” Oswalt recounted on Facebook. “The realtor’s response Tweet was along the lines of, “Oh, the nasty little troll has another opinion. Stick to show business and shut up.” I’m paraphrasing. Another person who hates my Twitter feed’s content who nevertheless follows me.
I Tweeted out something in support of someone. He reacted with immediate disgust and offense. Fine, whatever.”

Oswalt has dealt with hateful Trump supporters before so he is used to ignoring them. Except this time, Brust decided to make things incredibly personal and actually used Oswalt’s deceased wife to attack him.

“I’m a psychic and I’m channeling his wife’s opinions,” Brust wrote in response to one Twitter user who asked everyone to stop having opinions.

Needless to say, the remark was a deep stab to Oswalt, who was not having a good day.

His wife Michelle McNamara had passed away not even a year ago and he is still dealing with the pain of his loss.

As soon as Brust posted his comment he had made a serious mistake as Twitter users were quick to inform Brust’s employer of how nasty he was being on social media. Not only was this Twitter exchange very public, Brust was using his professional Twitter account to do it.

At that point, Oswalt began trolling Brust, and at some point, he noticed that Brust had removed his social media accounts. And then Oswalt discovered that Brust’s employer had posted a notice on the company website making clear that they did not want to be associated with him and the nasty things he said.

I saw that other people were giving him shit about the “dead wife” joke. I figured it was going to blow up in the poor slob’s face without zero help from me. In the morning, his account was gone. He’d closed it down (I assume). He’d also closed down his Facebook profile and professional page. And then the realty company he worked for posted a message to their website about how Mr. Dead Wife Joke did NOT represent their company and that he was no longer employed by them.

Indeed, the Chicago Tribune tracked down Michael Maloof, owner of the real estate agency, and learned that Brust had been fired.

“We were made aware that this had gone on and we parted company,” Maloof said.

So here we are once again. Another Trump supporter/racist/conservative has been fired and he only has himself to blame. Rather than just simply disagree with Oswalt and move on, Brust chose to publicly harass a celebrity. He attacked Oswalt in a way that threatened the reputation of his employer. Because while businesses don’t really care about the political affiliations of the employees, they definitely care about what their employers say and how they say it in public. The Internet is forever and while Brust deleted most of his tweets, he wasn’t able to erase every one of them. And now he is unemployed for being a total dick.

Conservatives have previously been fired for publicly attacking Michelle Obama using racist remarks, which cause all sorts of problems for businesses because business owners care about their reputation and image. How employees represent themselves can have positive or negative effects on the business.

But since Donald trump took office, his supporters have been emboldened to say and do things that disgust the rest of civilized society. And they actually believe they can get away with it without consequences just because Trump has taken over the White House.

As Oswalt concluded in his Facebook post, Trump supporters are wrong to think that way.

The main thing that Trump supporters are excited about, now that he’s president? Is that finally, at LOOOOOONG LAST, all of the awful things they want to say, that used to lose them friends and jobs and marriages? They’re EXCITED about potentially getting to say them with ZERO repercussions. Just like Trump did. All the way into the White House. All the way into unlimited, forever power to spew any awful shit that comes to your head and no one dares correct you, rolls their eyes, or punches you in the nose.

But I’m afraid Peoria Realtor is going to be the first in a long line of Trumpers who will realize, on the other side of firings and divorces and black eyes, that Trump’s Teflon Umbrella covers Trump and no one else.

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