Poll: Majority Of Americans HATE Trump’s Unconstitutional Executive Orders

While President Trump’s approval rating continues to fall to embarrassing ans unprecedented levels, new polling has come out that shows dismal numbers of support towards his hateful, unconstitutional executive orders.

According to Gallup Polling, the majority of the American public has an unfavorable view towards Trump’s most controversial orders, including the ban on immigration refuge from seven majority-Muslim countries.

Here’s what the poll found:

  • Ordering temporary ban on entry into U.S. for most people from seven predominantly Muslim countries: 42% approve, 55% disapprove. A net negative 13 points.
  • Ordering construction of a wall along the southern border with Mexico: 38% approve, 60% approve. A net negative 22 points.
  • Indefinitely suspending the United States’ Syrian refugee program: 36% approve, 56% disapprove. A net negative 20 points.

The poll also found that President Trump’s approval rating 43% while his disapproval rating stands at 52 percent, a net negative 9 points. Only 41 percent of independent voters approve of Trump’s performance as president, along with 83 percent of Republicans.

Almost half of America believes Trump is acting “too fast” in his first days in office.

Simply put: Trump is (still) hated by the American public and so are his most controversial executive actions. The only people that seem to like him are the Republicans that voted him in. Still, over one-sixth of the GOP doesn’t seem to like him at this point.

As Gallup’s analysis concludes:

Trump is not enjoying the type of honeymoon that the American public accorded his predecessors in their first weeks in office. Trump’s initial job approval rating was the lowest in Gallup history, and a majority of Americans continue to disapprove of the job he is doing. No other president going back to Dwight Eisenhower had majority disapproval in his first several months in office. A majority of Americans, in similar fashion, disapprove of several of the high-visibility executive actions Trump has taken within his first 10 days in the White House.

This polarization of opinion most likely reflects not only Trump himself — his style and the actions he has taken — but also the prevailing political environment today.

The only thing Trump cares about is how people feel about him. His numbers aren’t getting better, and they have – for the better part of two years – been embarrassingly low (in the mid forties).

Featured image via Win McNamee/Getty Images