Trump Hotels Asked For People’s Favorite Travel Memories, And Twitter LIT THEM UP (TWEETS)

It’s always interesting when people decide to use social media to point out how ridiculous someone or something is. Such was the case with Trump Hotels, where someone dredged up an old tweet asking people for their favorite travel memories. People angry about Trump’s Muslim ban and other executive orders decided to use that tweet to, ahem, vent, and it’s pretty epic.

People tweeted that their favorite travel memory was staying with a competing hotel chain, others talked about President Obama, and still others tweeted about visiting family and friends who are immigrants. Still others pointed out hospitality in other countries, or with what overseas AirBNBs are doing.

If Trump saw this, he’d be pacing back and forth in the White House, grousing about how people need to be reminded of how beloved he is.

In short, it didn’t go very well for Trump Hotels. But it went amazingly good for anyone who stands against Trump and his dangerous, white supremacist agenda. Here’s the original tweet:

And below is a smattering of responses:

It seems clear that Trump’s brand is going to take a major beating. We’d say “until he becomes sane” but we all know that’s never going to happen. He’s too hung up on the minutiae associated with his personal image, and he’s letting Steve Bannon run the show.

Featured image by Spencer Platt via Getty Images