Fox News Rushes To ID Mosque Attacker As Moroccan Muslim — He’s A White, Christian, Nazi Trump Fan (TWEETS)

Want evidence that Fox News is a functional mouthpiece for the Trump administration? On Monday, the most watched news network in America lied to you. While it may see shocking that an American news agency would push blatant lies, they seem to have had a direct source — the Trump White House.

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer kicked off his press conference by claiming (falsely) that the attacker was both a Muslim and from Morocco. “It’s a terrible reminder of why we must remain vigilant and why the President is taking steps to be proactive rather than reactive when it comes to our nation’s safety and security,” Spicer said at this afternoon’s briefing when speaking of the Quebec City attack.

Fox News reported the same information despite that it was never confirmed, tweeting it out in an almost celebratory fashion:

Naturally, things got a bit embarrassing for the network — and Spicer, who is already dealing with the aftermath of saying that it’s not only right but necessary to handcuff 5-year-old Muslim children and treat them like terrorists — when information surfaced that he wasn’t from Morocco or a Muslim. In fact, he’s a huge fan of Donald J. Trump:

The actual shooting suspect is 27-year-old Alexandre Bissonnette, a white French Canadian who is, by all appearances, a rabid anti-immigrant nationalist. A leader of a local immigration rights groups, François Deschamps, told a local paper he recognized his photo as an anti-immigrant far-right “troll” who has been hostile to the group online. And Bisonnette’s Facebook page – now taken down but still archived – lists among its “likes” the far right French nationalist Marine Le Pen, Islam critics Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens, the Israeli Defense Forces, and Donald J. Trump (he also “likes” the liberal Canadian Party NDP along with more neutral “likes” such as Tom Hanks, the Sopranos and Katy Perry).

Fox News responded by changing a few lines in their original report and never actually issuing a retraction or apology. In fact, as of 7:06 P.M. EST, the tweet is still live:

While it is true that police did question a Moroccan man, the guy was a worshiper and a witness to the attacknot a suspect as conservatives have been saying. In fact, as the person who called the cops in the first place, he was never treated by police as anything other than a witness. Conservative media, on the other hand, just went with it.

Naturally, Fox News, Spicer, and all who believed their wacky story found themselves facing, well, quite a bit of mockery for this desperate attempt to blame the deadly attack on Muslims:

This is the sort of honesty we can expect from the Trump White House and their propaganda outlets. They took an innocent man who called the police during a terrifying attack that left six people dead, smeared him as the attacker, then did all they could to distract from the true perpetrator of the crime: someone just like them who genuinely believes in Donald Trump and his terrifying mission.

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