Trump’s Approval Rating Drops AGAIN To New Record Low

Gallup Polling recently had Donald Trump’s approval rating at a dismal 45 percent – the lowest for any newly inaugurated president in modern American history. Similarly, the poll also had Trump’s disapproval rating 45 percent, the highest for any newly inaugurated president in modern American history.

It’s safe to say that Trump is not off to a good start.

And his ratings are only falling further.

According to a new Quinnipiac University poll, Donald Trump’s approval ratings stand at a disastrous 36 percent, which is, as stated above, the lowest for any new president in modern history. Furthermore, 44 percent of Americans have a negative view of him. That’s a net negative eight points.

At this same time in his presidency in 2009, Barack Obama had a 59 percent approval rating, and a 29 percent disapproval rating.

If there’s one thing that Donald Trump cannot stand, it’s being hated or mocked. We learned that after his fury over the size of the Women’s Marches, and his need to Photoshop the size of his hands.

The poll also found that the majority of Americans do not think he has the right qualities to lead the nation, nor do they think he will be good for country. However, the majority of respondents are somehow optimistic about his presidency, and think he will be good for the economy (they probably haven’t heard about his 20 percent tariff on Mexican imports).

Tim Malloy, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Poll, said:

“Stumbling out of the blocks, President Donald Trump is considered a divider not a uniter, flunking on honesty, empathy and level headedness, while his predecessor sees his legacy burnished by better and better numbers every polling cycle. But voters are optimistic in general and confident he will help the economy.”

Being unfavorably compared to President Obama will no doubt hurt Trump’s fragile, thin-skinned ego.

The American people are not liking what they’re seeing from the authoritarian-in-chief. Judging by how it’s going right now, it will only continue to get worse. So far, Trump has signaled that he has no desire whatsoever to change his ways. We’re stuck with a fact-suppressing, executive-order signing, loudmouthed fascist for the foreseeable future.

Featured image by Alex Wong via Getty Images