Trump Considering Incredibly Ironic Choice For Vatican Ambassadorship (DETAILS)

Another day in the Trump Administration means another day of sheer insanity.

As Trump begins to name ambassadors to various positions across the globe, one sticks out above all: Callista Gingrich, wife of former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich.

Aside from having no diplomatic experience whatsoever, Gingrich is an interesting choice for her perspective position — Ambassador to Holy See. Newt Gingrich confirmed to CNN that his wife was “being considered” and said if chosen, he would not be moving to Rome, but instead be “clocking in” a lot of miles between Italy and the United States.

The Holy See, which is comprised of the Vatican and the Roman Catholic Church overall, is arguably one of the most important relationships between the United States and the western Judeo-Christian religious order.

And in typical Trump form, he nominates someone who is the antithesis of what the position holds dear. Why? For starters, Callista Gingrich is an adulteress.

Gingrich, who met her husband Newt when he was House Minority Whip, admitted to engaging in a six year extramarital affair while the Speaker was married to his second wife, Marianne Ginther.

So not only is Callista Gingrich an adulteress, she is married to a twice-divorced adulterer, both of which are grave sins in the Roman Catholic Church.

Gingrich and her husband are both “staunch Catholics,” and are allowed to receive communion, as Newt had his first two marriages annulled — effectively absolving all wrongdoing in the eyes of God and the church.

Still, the decision to hand Callista Gingrich the position of Ambassador to the Holy See is pathetic, given the many Catholic lawmakers and diplomats are currently and formally serving in Washington D.C. and have much more experience.

There are currently 24 Catholic members of the Senate alone, including Republicans Pat Toomey, Lisa Murkowski, Marco Rubio, John Hoeven, Thom Tillis, Dan Sullivan, Mike Rounds and Susan Collins.

Once again, Donald Trump is considering a joke to lead a very serious and very sacred position in American diplomacy. Why? Because he has favors to pay. Newt Gingrich was one of Trump’s biggest mouthpieces throughout the campaign.

This is what we call dynasty politics. This is what we call the “swamp” in Washington D.C. God help us (no pun intended) if Callista Gingrich is given this position.

Featured image via Peter Marovich/Getty Images