Madeleine Albright: ‘I Will Register As A Muslim’ In Solidarity

Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright has pledged to register as a Muslim should Trump succeed in setting up such a registry — which he promised on the campaign trail.

The 79-year-old former diplomat and Czech immigrant took to Twitter on Wednesday to protest Donald Trump’s executive action that bars refugee status of immigration for people from Iraq, Iran, Syria, Libya, Yemen and so forth. Albright, a refugee herself from communist Czechoslovakia (now Czech Republic), wrote:

Simply put, Madeleine Albright is a badass.

This isn’t the first time Albright — a Clinton supporter — has taken Donald Trump to task.

During the campaign, Albright made headlines when she described Trump and his campaign as “Putin’s useful idiot,” a term that is more evident today than ever.

Albright also made numerous postings on Twitter defending refugees:

Albright’s Twitter describes her as a “Grateful American, Czech immigrant, mother & grandmother, fmr SecState, passionate democrat, author, prof, bizwoman, pin collector & occasional drummer.”

As Trump’s dystopian view of the world inches closer and closer to reality, the former Secretary of State has taken more hardline stances against Trump than many members of Congress — including liberals like Elizabeth Warren.

In a world of Rex Tillerson’s, we need more Madeleine Albrights.

This feminist, liberal badass may look like a small little, old woman, but she has guts and nerves of steel the continue to serve us to this very day. We should all be inspired and follow her lead – we should all register along with our Muslim brothers and sisters.

Featured image via Flickr