The Numbers Are In: Trump Is The Most Hated Newly Inaugurated President EVER

It’s been less than a week since Donald Trump took the oath of office, and already he’s breaking records left and right (and none of them are good).

Simply put: Donald Trump is the most hated incoming president this country has seen in at least 60 years.

According to Gallup Polling:

President Donald Trump is the first elected president in Gallup’s polling history to receive an initial job approval rating below the majority level. He starts his term in office with 45% of Americans approving of the way he is handling his new job, 45% disapproving and 10% yet to form an opinion. Trump now holds the record for the lowest initial job approval rating as well as the highest initial disapproval rating in Gallup surveys dating back to Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Congratulations, America. You nominated a man you vehemently hate (more so than George W. Bush).

To put it in perspective, let’s look at the numbers for Trump and past presidents:

Donald Trump – Approve: 45 percent. Disapprove: 45 percent

Barack Obama – Approve: 68 percent. Disapprove: 12 percent

George W. Bush – Approve: 57 percent. Disapprove: 25 percent

Bill Clinton – Approve: 58 percent. Disapprove: 20 percent

George H.W. Bush – Approve: 51 percent. Disapprove: 6 percent

Ronald Reagan: Approve: 51 percent. Disapprove: 13 percent

Jimmy Carter – Approve: 68 percent. Disapprove: 8 percent

Richard Nixon – Approve: 59 percent. Disapprove: 5 percent

John F Kennedy – Approve: 72 percent. Disapprove: 6 percent

Dwight D. Eisenhower – Approve: 68 percent. Disapprove: 7 percent

Ouch. If Trump can’t even beat out Richard Nixon and George W. Bush (who won a contentious and blistering recount), that says something.

Of course Trump’s biggest base of support — men, whites and no college education — loved him while all the others — women, people of color and the educated — despise him. Ninety percent of Republicans give him approval while 81 percent of Democrats disapprove. Independents have a slightly more negative view than they do positive (44-40 percent).

Knowing that his pre-inaugural numbers and the turnout for the Women’s March sent him into a frenzy, these numbers should only exasperate the new authoritarian-in-chief.

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