Trump Tells Corporate CEOs He Will Slash 75 Percent Of Regulations That Protect Workers And Environment

Donald Trump just promised Corporate America that they’ll be able to rape the environment and screw over their workers at will after his administration is done killing every regulation in the book.

During a meeting with corporate executives on Monday, Trump told them that he will cut their tax rate “massively” by up to more than half the current rate of 35 percent, which would significantly reduce revenues the federal government will take in.

In short, that means Trump is copying what Republicans did in Kansas, a move that has destroyed the state’s economy while blowing up the budget with massive deficits.

Trump also said that if a corporation wants to build a factory his team will expedite the process to make sure it happens even if doing so threatens vital habitats.

He then stated his intention to wipe out “75 percent or more” of the current regulations that protect workers and the environment.

“The regulations are going to be cut massively,” Trump said. “And the taxes are going to be cut way down.”

But he insisted that workers and the environment will somehow still be protected despite the loss of the regulations that actually do protect them.

Here’s the video via Facebook.

Donald Trump just became even more of a threat to workers, the environment, and the nation’s fiscal health.

Most of these regulations exist for a reason and we should not just be cutting because Trump heard a sob story from a greedy corporate CEO.

But he’s apparently going to do it anyway and that means American workers can expect to see regulations that protect their safety, wages, and rights disappear and then when they get home they’ll have to deal with the dirty air and poisoned water that results from Trump’s repel of environmental regulations.

Every voter who sat home pouting or voted for a third party because Hillary Clinton was the Democratic nominee should be ashamed of themselves. Because in the end, while Trump is going to be responsible for our nation’s destruction, you are to blame for enabling him to do so in the first place.

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