Trump Bans The Public From Calling The White House To Comment Or Protest

In another attempt to stifle freedom of expression, President Trump and his administration have dismantled the White House switchboard comment operating system. Instead, callers will be told to take their complaints and comments to Facebook and other White House social media platforms.

When called, the White House switchboard states:

“Thank you for calling the White House comments line. The comment line is currently closed but your comment is important to the President and we urge you to send us a comment online at or send us a message through Facebook messenger.”

Trump really is becoming the social-media president.

Since the end of the transition, when the lines were apparently shut off, the Trump administration has been purging the White House website off all things that generally resemble the Obama White House — and thus anything that has to do with equality and inclusion. So this is just another instance of curtailing the openness of the people’s house.

It seems that the 15 percent of American households without internet will not be able to have Trump hear their concerns, who promised to be a champion of all people and listen to their needs.

There is no indication yet from the White House whether this is permanent or temporary, as the incoming administration settles into their positions.

Still, there was no downtime for this crucial line of democracy when the Obama administration took over in 2009.

Given the Trump administration’s penchant for lying and ignoring the people, this should come as no surprise. However, it should worry the public if no future action is taken to address this. The people’s house should be readily available at all times, in all fashions.

It’s only day three, and Donald Trump and his team are showing a brazen disregard for the little things that make us great. When studying authoritarians, one must look at how the littlest of things change before their eyes.

This might be one of them — a White House that doesn’t want to be bombarded with calls from an outraged public.

Featured image by Ron Sachs via Getty Images