Trump Finally Watched Alec Baldwin Mock His Russia Pee Party On SNL And Went BALLISTIC On Twitter

It took Donald Trump all day, but he apparently got around to watching the cold open Saturday Night Live delivered last night and threw a temper tantrum about it.

Alec Baldwin made his triumphant return as Trump on SNL this weekend and nailed a re-enactment of Trump’s first press conference in six months.

The questions, of course, were all about the dossier alleging that Trump paid prostitutes to pee on his bed at the Ritz Carlton in Moscow.

“No, no,” Baldwin’s Trump told the media when asked about the pee parties. “I’m not talking about the pee-pee. It didn’t happen. It wasn’t as cool as it sounds. Next question.”

And then he had to answer a question about the “golden shower” report.

“I do not want to talk about the pee-pee. I want to talk about what is really important. I want to bring a thick stream of jobs back. The biggest strongest steadiest stream you’ve ever seen.”

Here’s the full video via YouTube.

Normally, Trump would have whined about SNL on Twitter at 3 a.m., or during regular morning hours, but this time he waited until Sunday afternoon to do it.

Trump attacked NBC as a network first, and then trashed Saturday Night Live along with the cast and called their skits about him a “hit job.”

Yes, a man who is about to take over the toughest job in the world is literally once again obsessing over how he is being portrayed on a satire comedy program.

He threw a temper tantrum over something he should be able to ignore, thus proving that he is incapable of focusing on the job at hand, and that he is a petty, thin-skinned bully.

Needless to say, Twitter mercilessly mocked him for it.

Donald Trump is totally unqualified to be president and he just keeps on proving it every day.

Featured image via screen capture from embedded video