Alec Baldwin Returns To SNL To Shower Trump With Jokes About Russian Lady Pee (VIDEO)

Admit it: Ever since news broke that Donald Trump allegedly hired a couple nice Russian ladies to squat over a bed and ruin the maid’s day by “draining the swamp” all over the place, the foremost thought in your mind has been “What will Alec Baldwin do with this?” Don’t worry — you’re not alone, and the wait is over.

Saturday Night Live’s cold open this week was everything you hoped it would be: not only did it hit Trump on a number of key issues like his plan to repeal Obamacare and replace it with, well, nothing, as well as Trump’s refusal to acknowledge that Russia hacked the election. But it was also overflowing with references to the “golden shower” fiasco that is going to follow Trump around for the rest of his life no matter where he goes or what he does.

The allegations first surfaced when Buzzfeed opened the floodgates and published full memos that included allegations that Trump hired Russian prostitutes to urinate on a bed President Obama once slept in because he’s a small, hateful man-child. The story, in this context, not only seems plausible but probable. Four sources confirm with the BBC that the allegations are legitimate, with at least one telling the network video and audio exist of some of Trump’s escapades┬áin St. Petersberg (Russia’s leader in child prostitution) and Moscow.

We’re not going to ruin this for you. You need to see it for yourself, which you can do below:

Featured image via screengrab