Idaho Republican OUTRAGEOUSLY Says Female Lawmakers Only Rise In Rank By Giving Sexual Favors

A member of the Idaho House of Representatives has been punished for making absolutely offensive accusations against every female lawmaker.

After Rep. Judy Boyle was named the chair of the House Agriculture Committee, Rep. Heather Scott remarked that Boyle got the position because female lawmakers “spread their legs” to rise in rank, suggesting that women perform sexual favors to get leadership positions.

The incident occurred on December 1st in the House lounge and the remark was said loudly enough that several witnesses heard it.

Scott then repeated the remark in the House chamber, not only upsetting female lawmakers, but male lawmakers as well.

“That’s not true,” Rep. Stephen Hartgen, told the Spokesman-Review in response to Scott’s claim. “I’ve been here almost 10 years. People get ahead here on the basis of merit, in my humble opinion. I’ve never seen anything that would cause me to question that premise.”

Rep. Christy Perry also blasted Scott’s behavior. “It’s important to me that the public understands that it’s absolutely a false allegation – that it’s not what happens in this building. It’s extremely disrespectful. A number of the lady legislators are very upset about this. It’s just entirely inappropriate.”

And the Idaho legislature responded as a whole by stripping Scott of all her committee assignments.

According to the Statesman Review,

As the House convened today, it moved to the 13th order, and the clerk read the list of committee assignments, listing all members of three committees – Commerce, Environment and State Affairs. Missing from all three was the name of Rep. Heather Scott, R-Blanchard.

So maybe Scott will think twice about what she wants to say next time she wants to react to her colleagues getting leadership roles. Because spreading lies about how those positions were attained won’t earn her any respect.

Let’s hope the voters in Scott’s district follow up by kicking her out of office in the next election.

Featured image via Electablog