Mexican President Tells Trump One More Time That Mexico Isn’t Paying For His Stupid Wall (VIDEO)

Donald Trump gave his first press conference since being elected today. He stood on that stage and told the American people yet again that Mexico was going to pay for the wall he wants to build along our southern border. But at the same time, the president of Mexico was insisting once more that they aren’t paying for Trump’s stupid wall.

Speaking to a group of Mexico’s ambassadors and consuls on Wednesday, Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto said that Mexico has “some differences with the next government of the United States, like the topic of the wall that Mexico of course will not pay for.”

Peña Nieto said that no matter what Trump may say, Mexico isn’t going to foot the bill for the wall. He also said in no uncertain terms that Mexico’s “basic principles” and “sovereignty” are simply “not negotiable.”

In addition, Peña Nieto added that if there are to be any negotiations between the United States and Mexico there has to be a concerted effort to stop the illegal arms and money that are flowing into Mexico from the United States.

Meanwhile, Trump was saying this on live television:

“We’re going to build a wall. I could wait about a year and a half until we start our negotiations with Mexico,” he said, but “I don’t feel like waiting a year and a half.”

“I want to get the wall started. I don’t want wait a year and half to make a deal with Mexico.”

Trump now says that the American taxpayers are going to be the ones who will actually fund the building of the wall. But he says he has a great plan, the best plan, to bully Mexico into paying us back.

Trump has been told repeatedly that Mexico is not going to pay for his wall, but he just can’t seem to get that through his thick orange skull. He thinks he can bully anyone into anything. But it doesn’t look like Mexico is planning to bow down to Trump anytime soon, and in case you didn’t catch it, they most certainly aren’t going to pay for that damn wall.

Featured image via Drew Angerer/Getty Images