Donald Trump Proves He Knows NOTHING About America’s Workforce

During Donald Trump’s most recent press conference on Wednesday, he mentioned that 96 million Americans were looking for jobs and could not find any. Well, as it turns out, that number is only about 10 times higher than the truth.

According to Mr. Trump America has millions of “workers right now in the United States that are — 96 million really wanting a job and they can’t get. You know that story. The real number — that’s the real number.”

That’s incorrect, by quite a bit. Now, maybe if he hadn’t repeated that he believed “that’s the real number” then he could have recovered from the situation. If he had said 9.6 million, he would have at least been in the right ball park. America does have 96 million people without jobs, but that’s including anyone above 16 years of age that is a student, disabled, a stay-at-home parent, retired or not in the workforce for whatever reason, not actively searching for a job.

The actual number of Americans that are jobless but actively seek work is only 7.5 million. Add another 2.3 million for “missing workers“, those who are unemployed and don’t seek work because they don’t see much opportunity, that number is 9.8 million workers. So maybe Donald Trump was confused or very misinformed? Either way these numbers are certainly something he should be aware of.

Trump is also probably unaware of the fact that the economy is doing great right now, with 15.6 million private sector jobs being added in the last six and a half years thanks to President Obama. However, according to Donald Trump Obama has done nothing good for this country. Is he in denial or just an idiot? Maybe if he went to his intelligence briefings every once in awhile he’d know what he was talking about more often.

Featured image via Spencer Platt/Getty Images