Dan Rather Responds To Trump’s Sex Tape Allegations, Visibly DISGUSTED In Interview (VIDEO)

Yesterday, Buzzfeed News released a report that stated Russia might be trying to blackmail President-elect Trump due to a very compromising sex tape involving urination, prostitutes and his hatred for President Barack Obama.

Since these allegations were released and have made rounds all over the internet, Trump and his transition team have been working around the clock to dispute Buzzfeed’s report and convince America that those claims are untrue. It’s going horribly, considering Trump has decided to fight the report by foolishly tweeting, creating even more controversy and drawing more attention to himself.

One person who has always been amazing at criticizing Trump in the most logical, sound way is legendary news reporter Dan Rather. There would be no one better to ask about the latest allegations, and TMZ happened to nab a short interview with him as he was leaving 30 Rock to ask him what he thought of the latest Trump scandal.

Rather was careful to emphasize that the allegations were in fact just allegations at this point, and have not been confirmed. However, he made sure to state that Trump’s presidential transition has been unlike any other in so many ways – and none of them are good. Rather said that regardless of whether these allegations are true or not:

“In some ways the damage has already been done, because it gets people talking about it. So, what a crazy week. What’s happening with this transition of power and what’s happening this week is unprecedented on steroids. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

For Rather — who has seen quite a bit throughout his career as a reporter -c- to say that he’s never seen anything come even close to the scandals and corruption that have followed Trump throughout his campaign and transition is shocking. Trump’s supporters may have been fooled when they voted for him, but they’re getting a horrifying look at their future President now.

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