Chicago Cubs Snub Trump, Will Visit White House Before Obama Leaves To Celebrate World Series Victory

It’s not unprecedented but it’s a clear f*ck you aimed at Donald Trump.

In November, the Chicago Cubs broke a 108-year drought to finally win the World Series again. They defied the odds, and unlike Trump, they didn’t need help from Russia to secure a victory.

President Obama, who hails from Chicago, congratulated the Cubs and invited them to the White House to be honored for their historic achievement.

Obama also called team manager Joe Madden to extend the invitation personally.

Usually, World Series champions flock to the White House for recognition in April, which would mean the team would have to deal with Donald Trump, who would likely politicize the event in an effort to tie it to his electoral win. Hillary Clinton is also a fan of the Cubs so Trump could easily use the event to take shots at her as well.

To save the country from such embarrassment and to avoid shaking Trump’s tiny hands, the Cubs have decided that it is more convenient for them to travel to the White House on Monday while President Obama is still in office.

As Mediaite points out, teams have visited the White House early in previous years so this would normally not be a big deal. But this is not a normal time because if the Cubs wait until April they would have to stand and be honored by a bigot who constantly hurls petty insults at people and thinks everything is about himself.

Trump will likely feel slighted by the Cubs and will launch an attack against them on Twitter any time now. But doing so will only confirm that the Cubs made the right decision.

Featured Image: Wikimedia