Trump Spokeswoman HUMILIATES Herself While Trying To Make Democrats Look Stupid (TWEETS)

Trump spokeswoman and walking stump Katrina Pierson responded to how she thinks liberals reacted to Jeff Sessions claiming he will follow the Constitution on Monday with perhaps the dumbest thing that will disgrace Twitter this week, month, or maybe year.

“When Democrats heard commit to enforcing the United States Constitution as AG during his confirmation hearing… ,” she tweeted. Trump’s favorite imbecile┬áthen includes a video of her impression of these imagined liberals, which is basically just her making stupid faces into the camera with a poorly-edited explosion and cartoonish sound effects. All of these things are terrible individually, but put them together and hoo boy!

In the end, she wound up with sh*t all over her face.

Naturally, Twitter wasn’t going to allow Pierson to pull such an attention-seeking, ridiculous stunt without informing her of exactly what is wrong with her as a human being (and just making fun of her, period):

In reality, liberals would be thrilled if Trump appointed someone who could be trusted to uphold the Constitution, but Sessions has a long and storied past with regard to race relations. Not only does he oppose the Voting Rights Act, but he was once determined to be too racist to be a federal judge when Reagan tried to appoint him. If he’s too racist to be a federal judge, then he’s too racist to be attorney general — especially since he says himself that he was fine with the KKK until he learned they smoke marijuana (you seriously can’t make this shit up).

Featured image via screenshot and Twitter