Ex-White House Press Secretary Just Dropped An AWESOME Obama Truthbomb That Will Make Trump PISSED

The differences between President Barack Obama and Donald Trump couldn’t be greater and more obvious – and that’s why Americans all over the country are mourning the end of Obama’s second term, knowing full well that Trump and the GOP are going to destroy his legacy.

Earlier today, Jay Carney – a former White House press secretary for Obama – went on CNN’s New Day and highlighted a massive difference between Obama and Trump, and it’s one that will make Trump seriously pissed off. Host Alisyn Camerota brought up the fact that Obama’s personal life has been scandal-free (unlike Trump’s) and asked:

“Beyond having a scandal-free presidency in terms of personal-life scandals, what do you think President Obama’s legacy is?”

Carney gave an answer that will have Republicans attacking Obama even more. Having worked with Obama personally, Carney said:

“I think that it was scandal-free beyond his personal life. The man’s integrity, his decency and optimism about America that he embodied and pursued will be his legacy.”

Referring to the Obama administration as “patriotic and pure,” Carney said:

“It was an honest and sincere effort driven towards the idea of making America better and improving the lives of everyday Americans.”

Many of us would agree. You can watch Carney deliver every Republican’s worst nightmare below:

Obama demonstrated and lived America’s values every day of his life, and every day of his presidency. Trump, on the other hand, has had several sexual assault cases filed against him, hasn’t paid his taxes in well over a decade, is involved in several lawsuits over his scammy, fraudulent business dealings, and has more conflicts of interest incidents happening in his administration than is even Constitutional. Trump is shaping up to be America’s most corrupt president, and even his supporters are losing faith in his campaign promises.

Featured image via Win McNamee/Getty Images