Trump’s America: Jewish Centers Rattled With Bomb Threats

In Trump’s new America, hate and violence are reigning supreme. Amid spikes in anti-Semitism, Islamophobia and transphobia, reports are coming out that six Jewish centers in four states have been evacuated Monday after bomb threats were made.

Two centers in Miami-Dade County, Florida were evacuated, but luckily both buildings were declared “all-clear” by patrol. One center in Jacksonville was also targeted with a threat, but has since been cleared as well.

The same situation was reported in Rockville, Maryland when the JCC was evacuated. Like the other centers, no bomb was found and the center is clear now.

Similar threats also hit two centers in Nashville, Tennessee and Columbia, South Carolina. Like all the others, nothing was found.

Luckily, all these threats were just that – threats. But with swastikas popping up all across the country and neo-Nazis holding open meetings in the nation’s capital–all inspired by the new dear leader, Trump–threats could easily turn to actual violence against our Jewish brothers and sisters.

The rise of the alt-right, neo-Nazi movement is a major concern since white nationalism has been on a steady rise since President Obama took office in 2009. What a coincidence. If Trump doesn’t rein in and vehemently denounce these people, his silence could be a beckoning call to their action, and it can and will be ugly.

This shouldn’t be the new normal in the United States; it should be breaking news. At what other point in modern American history would this be considered normal?

Trump’s presence and the presence of the growing alt-right has been breeding so much hatred it’s starting to permeate everything, every day.

America, and Republicans, need to stand up for our Jewish brothers and sisters here in America as much as they stand up for Benjamin Netanyahu in Israel. But don’t hold your breaths.

Featured image by Win McNamee via Getty Images