Trump Team Getting Approval On White Nationalist Nominees From The Worst Lying Troll On The Web

There’s a man who’s been permanently banned from Twitter for threats and harassment, and was once known as the “most hated man on the Internet,” who’s working behind the scenes to advise, and even approve of, some of Trump’s nominees. That man is Charles “Chuck” Johnson (not to be confused with Little Green Footballs‘ Charles Johnson), and he’s used his platform to spread racist hate and outright lies.

And Forbes reports that he’s working to help pick Trump’s administration.

One of the least reputable, most hateful, vengeful trolls on the entire planet is helping Trump’s transition team with various nominees. And not just any nominees – the worst nominees. The far-right, white nationalist, anti-Semitic, misogynistic nominees. The ones known to be “alt-right,” which is the most laughable term for that crowd ever.

Johnson fancies himself a “debunker of frauds,” but he’s no stranger to lies and severely unethical behavior himself. He’s the man who claimed that the Sony hack, which happened at the hands of North Korea, was actually an inside job. This is the man who tweeted that he needed help in taking out DeRay McKesson, which is what got him permanently banned (he claims he was just asking for info for reporting purposes, but the wording is highly suspicious).

He has a history of relentlessly attacking, and even doxing, “elitist” journalists, left-wing activists, “lying women and thuggish black men,” and anyone he thinks has screwed him over in some way. You know, typical troll stuff that puts people in real-life danger.

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Johnson also worked for Steve Bannon at Breitbart, and Bannon is a known white nationalist. Bannon is the one that turned Breitbart from a heavily right-wing news site into a conspiracy site that pushes the white nationalist agenda. So, in a way, it makes sense that Johnson would be advising Trump’s transition team.

It was Johnson himself who first said that he was involved with vetting nominees, which sounds pretty far-fetched on the surface and could have been a way for him to puff himself up. Given his history of self-promotion, that wouldn’t have been surprising.

However, multiple sources close to Trump’s team confirmed to Forbes that Johnson actually is working behind the scenes with the transition team, and possibly with people as high in the chain as Peter Thiel, who was one of Trump’s biggest campaign donors (Johnson denies this).

It is sick and disgusting that someone who’s made a name for himself by spreading lies and doxing people is working on a presidential transition like this. It’s also par for the course, which just makes us want to barf.

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