Trump Just Got RAZED After His Painfully Stupid Attack On The ‘Fake’ Media (TWEETS)

Here’s a news flash for Donald Trump: Mexico won’t be paying for his racist little wall — Not now, not tomorrow, not six months from now, not ever. On Friday, Trump made himself the subject of mockery after inexplicably claiming that Mexico will pay for the wall later if American taxpayers foot the bill first, and that he would seek repayment through a negotiation of NAFTA. In other words, you’re paying for the wall and Mexico will…still not be paying for it later, but at least Trump can get it built.

Trump’s team has made a number of wacky proposals related to paying for the wall, including amending the Patriot Act to include wire transfers as accounts that could be frozen and otherwise punishing Mexico for their refusal to fund what could possibly be the most fiscally irresponsible undertaking since, well, any of the bazillion businesses Trump has bankrupted. They have even discussed tying it to the appropriations process, which could force Democrats to agree to funding to keep the government from shutting down — but, once again, don’t worry, Mexico will totally pay us back.

“Dishonest media says Mexico won’t be paying for the wall if they pay a little later so the wall can be built more quickly,” Trump tweeted, once again attacking the — well, his followers seem very fond of the phrase “Lugenpresse,” or “lying press.” He ended this rant with a phrase that certainly appeals to a crowd that calls everything they hate “fake news,” but makes the rest of us question his sanity: “Media is fake!”

If you think this sounds like a night out at the bar with a drunk friend of a friend of a friend who “lost his wallet” but assures you his roommate Chubbs will reimburse you for his beer later minutes after Chubbs told him to buy his own f*cking beer, that wasn’t lost on the rest of the world. You’re never getting your beer money back. He knows it, you know it, and Chubbs knows it because he’s not giving the dude a cent. Naturally, Twitter was all over this:

Following Trump’s new “Mexico will pay for the wall later” claim, former President of the country Vicente Fox Quesada called the wall “another promise” Trump can’t keep:

Former Mexican ambassador to China Jorge Guajardo explained that it would be better for Mexico to scrap NAFTA and find a trade agreement with a country that doesn’t expect them to pay for such a monumental waste.

After meeting with Trump last year, President Enrique Peña Nieto made it very clear that “Mexico will not pay for the wall” — a stance repeated later by then-foreign minister Claudia Ruiz Massieu, who told a TV station “Paying for a wall is not part of our vision.”

Look, Trump, Mexico isn’t paying for the wall, and your incessant claims to the contrary only make yourself — and our nation — look stupid. Let’s make one thing crystal clear: Mexico will not be paying for the wall, nor will we. Build it your damn self.

Featured image via Getty Images (Drew Angerer)/screengrab