Mitch McConnell Just Got BEAT DOWN With His Own Words In Brilliant Move By Dems

Donald Trump has chosen the worst of the worst to serve in his cabinet and Republicans are trying to rush his nominees through before they have even been properly vetted. Four of the nine nominees with confirmation hearings scheduled for this week have yet to complete the ethics review.

Last week, the Office of Government Ethics warned that several of Trump’s cabinet picks have yet to complete the vetting process, leaving the door wide open for “potentially unknown or unresolved ethics issues.” But Republicans don’t give a damn. At least not now. A few years ago, though, they cared a lot.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, in particular, used to have very strong feelings about the process nominees are to go through to be confirmed. In 2009, when he was just a senator, he wrote a letter to then-Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid which included a list of certain “standards” that must be met before a confirmation hearing could even be scheduled.

Go figure, number three on this list dealt with financial disclosures, the very issue Trump’s picks are having such a hard time with. Taxes are examined because they reveal potential conflicts of interest, but following Trump’s lead, his nominees don’t want to come up off their financial records.

When it was Obama’s nominees in question, McConnell wanted them vetted to the fullest. However, now that Trump is the one making the nominations, he is ready to push them through without question.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer knew just how to deal with McConnell’s jaw-dropping hypocrisy. Schumer read McConnell’s letter on the Senate floor Monday afternoon.

“I only ask, respectfully, that the Republican majority follow the same set of standards they had in 2009 when the shoe was on the other foot,” Schumer said on the floor.

Schumer presented McConnell with a copy of the letter, but with a few minor changes, and successfully smacked him down with his very own words. While the original was addressed to Reid, Schumer scratched out his name and replaced it with McConnell’s. He also scratched out McConnell’s original signature and signed his own name instead. You can see the changes below.

Image via Huffington Post

Republicans think they can change the rules whenever it suits them. Way to go Schumer. I can’t think of a more fitting response to this hypocritical bullsh*t.

Featured image via Drew Angerer/Getty Images