Kellyanne Conway: Meryl Streep Incited ‘People’s Worst Instincts’ By Calling Out Trump (VIDEO)

On Sunday night, actress Meryl Streep called out president-elect Donald Trump’s behavior without even mentioning his name. That was too much for Trump supporters to handle and Kellyanne Conway, the president-elect’s mouthpiece, was not happy about it. In response to Ms. Streep’s impassioned speech at the Golden Globe awards, Conway said that instead, the actress should have called for unity behind the president-elect. That’s sort of the opposite of what Trump is doing right now on Twitter while bashing Meryl Streep because of his fragile ego.

“We have to now form a government, and I’m concerned that somebody with a platform like Meryl Streep is also, I think, inciting people’s worst instincts,” Conway said. “When she won’t get up there and say, ‘I don’t like it, but let’s try to support him and see where we can find some common ground with him, which [Trump] has actually done from moment one.”


Conway then brought up the widely condemned and appalling attack on a terrified white man by four African-Americans who shouted anti-Trump rhetoric. The four attackers are in custody and will face hate crime charges.

The president-elect has verbally bashed Mexicans, Muslims, women, black people, journalists, and now he’s attacking an actress on Twitter. Still yet, Conway said that Streep should have used her platform to give a shout out to the mentally challenged young man who was attacked.


Conway added that instead of Streep expressing her views, the actress should have stood up and said, “I didn’t like the election results but he’s our president and we’re going to support him.”

Conway will see America’s support for the incoming man-baby demagogue on January 21st, the day that protests break out in various cities. What Trump is doing should never be normalized.

Image via screen capture.