Conservatives Are CRYING After Meryl Streep DESTROYS Trump In Golden Globes Speech (VIDEO)

Republicans are in for a long four years if they think progressives like Meryl Streep are going to stay silent. Moments after giving her impassioned speech against Donald Trump (in which she never mentioned his name), conservative Twitter erupted in outrage.

And boy is it pathetic.

Take Tomi Lahren, the new blonde mouthpiece for the right-wing:

In Tomi’s mind, Meryl Streep – who used her platform to advance free speech and a free press – doesn’t know about hardworking, averag America. But Donald Trump, a guy who was born a millionaire, attended a private military school, and lives in a gold-plated penthouse, does.

Tomi seemed to miss the part where Meryl Streep named a plethora of celebrities in the room and paid tribute to their humble backgrounds – the backgrounds they had before they made it big. Isn’t that what conservatives claim to fight for? One’s ability to rise from the bottom to the top through hard work?

I guess it only counts if you’re, say, Scott Baio or Ted Nugent.

Lahren then went off on a Twitter tangent accusing Hollywood liberals of being “snowflakes” even though Lahren was the one who was triggered by Streep’s “insults.”

Then there’s Meghan McCain, another blonde mouthpiece:

Again, this conservative seems to miss the point: Streep advocated for respect, free speech and a free press. So is McCain – who’s a member of the press – insinuating that that the tenets that Streep is fighting for is what got Trump elected? Because if that’s so (which it isn’t), McCain missed the entire point of the speech (hint: she did).

Perhaps Meghan would have felt differently if Streep brought up how Trump mocked her dad for being a POW.

And, in all honesty, if Streep’s speech was that traumatic that it drives right-wingers to the polls, they are way more fragile than the “snowflakes” Tomi Lahren decries.

Democrats get called “baby killers” all the time by the right yet we move on and actually get stuff done, not complain on Twitter.

Radio host Tim Young had this to say:

Sorry, Tim, there’s nothing admirable or acceptable about a billionaire orange man mocking  disabled person to pander to poorly-educated voters.

Conservatives are mad that a Hollywood entertainer called a fellow Hollywood entertainer. They can’t slam Streep for being a member of Hollywood without looking like a bunch of hypocritical fools.

Tonight exposed the right as the overly PC, overly sensitive hypocrites we always knew them to be.

Simply put, conservatives were triggered. Someone dared to call out and challenge their dear leader, and they don’t know how to react. Perhaps these commentators are in need of a safe space? Congratulations, Meryl Streep, you managed to make conservative Twitter explode into millions of tiny, self-absorbed, out of touch snowflakes.

Here’s the awesome speech that started it all:

Featured image via Kevin Winter/Getty Images