Conservative White Grievance Queen Has Pathetic Twitter MELTDOWN Over Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep made a white grievance queen explode on Sunday night.

Donald Trump waited until the next morning to lash out at the legendary actress, but Tomi Lahren went on an hour long Twitter rage just after Streep’s speech.

The white supremacist favorite repeatedly insulted and threatened Streep and Hollywood celebrities in a psychotic rant that should have mental health professionals concerned.

Nearly 3 million more Americans voted for Hillary Clinton than Donald Trump, so Streep is definitely “in touch” with the majority.

Ironic, considering Donald Trump makes billions of dollars but doesn’t pay taxes and often doesn’t pay people who do work for his company. Also, has Lahren not seen Trump’s Twitter feed? It’s FULL of real whining.

Aw, Lahren thinks she’s a “hardworking” person. That’s so adorable. Must be SOOO hard to spew random bullshit on television in a studio. No need to learn lines. No need to work an 18 hour day. No need to work in some tough environments on location away from family. No need to learn new things to make a role convincing to the audience. Just show up and say whatever racist offensive thing on your narrow mind at the moment and get paid for it.

Freedom of speech is a right, not a privilege.

He’ll pout on Twitter about it.

The ratings are down this year so apparently not everyone is “just fine” with it.

That has been debunked for awhile now.

Still obsessing over Hillary’s emails? Seriously?

It sounds like Lahren is in need of anger management classes. She can take Donald Trump with her.

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