Viola Davis Gives PROFOUND Insight Into Racial Tensions In Trump’s America (VIDEO)

Viola Davis said that the issue of racial tensions in America now that Donald Trump has been elected really boils down to one fundamental question, which has more to do with who we are as a nation than who Trump is as a person.

Speaking backstage at the Golden Globes on Sunday night, Davis was asked how we can ensure that the progress made over the years, especially in regards to racial tensions, isn’t lost under a Trump presidency. Her response was spot on.

Davis said that she would begin her answer by “removing Trump from the equation.” She went on to explain that “it’s bigger than him.”

“I believe that it is our responsibility to uphold what it is to be an American and what America is about and what the true meaning of what it means to pursue the American dream. I think that America in and of itself has been an affirmation, But I think that we have fallen short a lot,” Davis said.

“Because, there is no way that we can have anyone in office that is not an extension of our own belief system. So then what does that say about us? And I think that, if you answer that question, I think that that says it all.”

So just what does Trump’s election say about America? It’s a question that leads to some very uncomfortable answers.

Watch Davis’ insightful interview, here:

Featured image via Kevin Winter/Getty Images