Kerry Washington Just Delivered A PERFECT One Liner To George W. Bush’s Daughter (VIDEO)

On the red carpet at Sunday’s Golden Globe Awards, one of the highlights of the evening was when former First Daughter Jenna Bush Hager was interviewing Kerry Washington, the star of Scandal.

Hager and her twin sister Barbara were well known as big time partiers during their father’s time in the White House and Washington is famous for playing a woman who famously had trysts in the White House. She’s also a big Obama supporter and an apparent friend of the First Family. Washington attended the farewell party at the White House on Saturday, so Hager teased her about it. Washington teased back.

“I saw on your Instagram that you left the White House at 3:30 a.m.?” Hager marveled.

“I did!” replied Washington sunnily. “You know a little something about late nights at the White House.”

“I do?!” Hager deadpanned.


Here’s the exchange:

If you recall, during the Bush years, the girls were known for being trouble makers. They were both cited on alcohol charges and Jenna was even cited for using someone else’s ID to buy alcohol. They were just 20 at the time, a year below drinking age.

Jenna, who less than a month ago pleaded “no contest” to possession of alcohol charges, was cited for showing another person’s identification to buy drinks. Barbara, along with a 20-year-old friend who was with them, was cited for possession of alcohol. The Austin Police Department said today a hearing had been scheduled for June 12.

Source: ABC News

Not that long ago, Hager spoke of her experiences:

With a huge grin, Hager cited her own rocky experiences in the spotlight as the daughter of George W. Bush. (The Today show correspondent and her twin sister Barbara were cited for underage drinking in June 2001 when they were freshmen in college.) “Obviously I had a hard time [when my dad was in the White House],” she confessed on WWHL, “but it’s also a privilege.”

Source: US Magazine

I will give Hager credit, though. She seemed to take Washington’s little dig in good spirits.

Featured image via screen capture from embedded video