WATCH: Joy Reid HAMMERS Republicans For Wasting Taxpayer Money To Pay For Trump’s Wall

Republicans are lying when they claim to be “fiscally conservative,” and Donald Trump’s wall proves it.

Throughout the campaign, the central promise Trump made to his supporters was that he would build a massive wall along the U.S.-Mexican border and force Mexico to pay for it.

And then one day during the home-stretch of the 2016 Election, Trump slipped up by admitting that American taxpayers would be paying the price tag and immediately followed up by claiming that Mexico will “reimburse” us for the cost.

Well, that cost is estimated to be $25 million or more and Donald Trump is now asking Republicans in Congress to pass funding for the wall, all while continuing to insist that Mexico will pay the United States back.

Apparently, Trump and Republicans want to start with $10 billion. Keep in mind that these are the same Republicans who claimed to be worried about the national debt and frequently obstructed every piece of legislation they could over the last six years because they complained it cost too much or was a waste of taxpayer dollars.

Clearly, Republicans only think it’s waste of taxpayer dollars when Democrats try to pass something and are only “concerned” about the deficit and debt when Democrats are in charge. But they have absolutely no problem blowing up the debt and spending like drunken sailors when they are in power.

And Joy Reid along with fiscal conservative political journalist Josh Barro, nailed Republicans for being complete hypocrites.

“Today, the president-elect got slightly more detailed about who will actually pay for the wall and, surprise, it’s you!” Reid began.

Reid pointed out that Republicans are stuck between a rock and a hard place because they are now faced with angering Trump’s racist supporters if they don’t fund the wall, or angering the American people by wasting taxpayer dollars and revealing themselves to be “fiscally conservative” hypocrites.

Josh Barro agreed. It starts adding up to real money, a billion here, a billion there,” he said. “It’s something that ends up being a non-trivial item in the federal budget if we foot the bill for it.”

“I think they have to be worried in both directions! If they try to not appropriate the money to build the wall they could be attacked in the primary but if they do go along with spending what ends up being $20 billion or whatever on this wall, that’s something they can be attacked for in the general election.”

Here’s the video via VidMe.

And it would, indeed, be American taxpayers who get stuck with the bill. Because Mexico has repeatedly declared that they are not going to pay one dime for Trump’s wall. And such a wall would STILL not stop immigrants from crossing the border. Even the Berlin wall built by the Russians to keep East Germans from crossing over to West Berlin did not stop people from getting across, and that barrier was 12 to 15 feet in height made of concrete and boasted border guards and tanks prepared to kill anyone who dared try to escape. It even included “subsidiary walls, trenches, electric fences and an open “death strip” overseen by armed guards in 302 watchtowers.”

Plus, the Berlin Wall was only 97 miles long. The southern border between Mexico and the United States, however, is nearly 2,000 miles long and Trump claims his wall will only need to cover 1,000 miles of it. And that means it will be far more expensive than the Berlin Wall and would be far less effective unless Trump and the Republicans are proposing to militarize the wall like the Soviets did to the Berlin Wall. Of course, that would only make the cost skyrocket even higher and hurt America’s image as a beacon of freedom.

The bottom line is that Trump’s wall is a money pit that will drain our resources and do nothing to curtail immigration. It will be useless and give America a black eye because we would be compared to the Soviet Union. And while that might be fine with Trump and his buddy Vladimir Putin, it won’t be fine with a majority of the American people who still believe in our constitutional values.

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