Alec Baldwin HUMILIATES Trump Without Saying A Single F*cking Word (IMAGES)

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you are well aware of the feud between petulant Russian puppet Donald Trump and actor Alec Baldwin. For months now, Baldwin has been absolutely thrashing The Donald’s fragile ego, leading to some rather epic Twitter outbursts. But this time, Baldwin didn’t need to say a thing. He just walked around wearing his spiffy new hat.

As you are likely also well aware, Donald Trump has been going out of his way to completely ignore intelligence — a word he loathes in all its forms — that Vladimir Putin personally directed the hack of our election, and that contrary to The Donald’s claims, Russian agents definitely provided the hacked documents to rapist-in-hiding Julian Assange. While Baldwin has been getting a lot of attention for his epic takedowns of Trump on Saturday Night Live and twitter, this time he deserves some recognition for what wasn’t said.

On Friday, Baldwin and his wife were spotted walking around New York, and his hat says it all:

In case you can’t read Russian as well as Trump and his friends, the hat says “Make America Great Again.” Baldwin later posted a selfie to his Instagram account.

Trump doesn’t seem to have noticed Baldwin’s new hat, but once he does we can expect an outburst unlike any we have seen from the manchild who will be our next President — and all Baldwin needed to do was wear a piece of clothing and walk around.

Featured image via Instagram