White Grievance Queen Tomi Lahren Compares Beating Of White Teen To Murder Of Nine Black Churchgoers

Tomi Lahren literally thinks the beating of a white teen in Chicago is the equivalent of nine black churchgoers who were MURDERED in Charleston, South Carolina.

In yet another example of racism and how right-wingers sabotage themselves, conservative darling Tomi Lahren lost her shit over a hate crime that was committed in Chicago this week by four black assailants.

The four suspects kidnapped and tortured a white disabled man and streamed the crime on Facebook Live.

But while her anger is understandable and shared by a vast majority of Americans, including Black Lives Matter and President Obama, Lahren went several steps too far by comparing the beating to the killing of nine black parishioners who were shot to death by white supremacist Dylann Roof.

“Chicago police aren’t sure if it was politically motivated,” Lahren claimed. “Are you freaking kidding me? This is the definition of a hate crime, and these four sick individuals deserve a seat on death row right next to Dylann Roof.”

And Lahren totally lost all credibility right there with that single statement. In her mind, a white teen who lived through a beating is worth nine black people who were murdered. Basically, she is saying one white life is worth nine black lives. And the white teen survived. Plus, she thinks the four black suspects should be sentenced to death. Again, while their actions are horrible, we don’t sentence people to death for committing assault. Nor do we sentence people to death for kidnapping. If they had murdered the victim, Lahren would have a case for putting the death penalty on the table. But they didn’t.

Then Lahren went on to question parenting in inner cities, which is her code for black people.

“Times like these, we have to wonder, where are the parents? Not just (Wednesday), but when these four were growing up? Because the breakdown of the American family has left young people — especially in the inner cities — with no role models. That’s why they turn to celebrities and rap stars who chant ‘eff Trump’ for guidance and leadership.”

Seriously, only racists like Lahren push these stereotypes about black people. And then she whined and claimed that if the disabled man had been black and the suspects were white it would have been a bigger story.

“If the race roles were reversed here, can you imagine the coverage? The race of the assailants would be plastered on every headline from here to Timbuktu, but if it doesn’t fit the race-baiting agenda of the left and their cohorts in the mainstream, it doesn’t quite get the same attention. If this thing wasn’t paraded on Facebook Live, the mainstream would have likely diluted, dismissed or outright ignored it,” she said. “If it bleeds, it leads — but only if it’s the right color, huh?”

Except the media widely covered this story across the nation and both President Obama and Black Lives Matter even condemned the actions of these four individuals.

Here’s the video via Facebook.

Predictably, the racists were quick to chime in with their own comments.

The bottom line here is that these four suspects should be punished for their crimes, which are inexcusable and indefensible. But Lahren should not have compared this incident to the mass shooting in Charleston. A brutal beating is nowhere near as bad a crime as nine counts of murder. She should apologize for that and to the families of the victims she just insulted.

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