Watch Robert Reich’s Brain Nearly MELT After Republican Says CIA Is ‘Attacking’ Trump (VIDEO)

President-elect Donald Trump’s denial of Russia’s involvement in the US election is disturbing enough, but it’s even more unfortunate that he has Republican minions that are willing to back him up and spread his lies.

Trump has recently been protecting his man crush, Russian leader Vladimir Putin, by dismissing the multiple, legitimate, and widely accepted reports from the CIA — and conservative Jeffrey Lord is more than ready to back him up on that. During an interview with Anderson Cooper and guest Robert Reich, Lord killed everyone’s brain cells with his moronic defense of Trump.

Lord not only tried to convince everyone that Trump hadn’t been dismissive to the intelligence community (one only needs to look through Trump’s Twitter feed to know that’s false), but he accused the intelligence community of “attacking” Trump! As soon as Lord stated that Trump hasn’t been disagreeing with the CIA and NSA, Reich jumped in and corrected him. Reich said:

“I mean, Donald Trump has said that he disagrees with the intelligence agencies, the FBI, the CIA, the NSA. He has disparaged them publicly. He has also disparaged other sources of facts such as the media and science. Scientists who talk about global climate change. Donald Trump doesn’t want to hear anything he doesn’t want to hear. And to disparage the intelligence community when he is going to have to rely on the intelligence community, it seems to me is the height of arrogance and very dangerous. Where is Donald Trump getting his facts from if he is not getting them from the intelligence community? Does a separate root of facts? A separate source of facts?”

Reich then pointed out, “How can you run a government if you’re going to be disparaging all your sources of information?”

Lord lied and said Trump was “a fan” of the intelligence community. He said:

“I don’t think he is disparaging the men and women who put their lives on the line to do this. That’s not Donald Trump at all. But I think he is right to question the leadership. To be perfectly candid.”

Then, Lord said something that was so foolish, Reich’s brain nearly melted when he heard it. Lord said, “They’re going to attack him anonymously in the press. They’ll attack through their allies on Capitol Hill.”

Reich could hardly find the words. He tried to compose himself as he asked:

“The CIA and NSA are going to attack Donald Trump? Is that what you’re alleging?”

“Wait a minute, wait a minute. I want to understand something. You’re saying that there is a conspiracy of some sort, that you have all the intelligence agencies Congress conspiring and they’ll try to bring Donald Trump down? Is this the assumption here?”

Lord failed to provide a suitable answer, and Reid continued to ask, “But why is it appropriate for somebody who is president-elect to undercut, disparage, demean the intelligence agencies, just as he does the media, just as he does independent scientists and government scientists?”

Once again, Lord was out of answers. He tried to change the subject, and Cooper put an end to the interview. You can watch Lord destroy everyone’s brain cells with his stupidity below:

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