WATCH: Florida Gov. Rick Scott Disrespects President Obama, Calls Trump After Fort Lauderdale Mass Shooting

Rather than call the sitting president who could actually help him, Florida Governor Rick Scott dissed President Obama by calling Donald Trump instead.

On Friday, a gunman entered the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport and killed five people while wounded eight others. The incident unfolded throughout the afternoon and police finally took the shooter into custody.

When a tragedy like this occurs, a governor usually makes a phone call to the White House to speak to the president. But Florida Governor Rick Scott disrespected President Obama and contacted Trump to speak with him and Mike Pence about the situation.

Scott went out of his way to mention that to reporters and seemed to suggest that President Obama should have reached out to him.

The Scott dodged follow-up questions from reporters about his disrespect towards the sitting president by claiming that now isn’t the time for politics, even though shunning President Obama while speaking to Donald Trump is clearly political.

Here’s the video via Twitter.

So Rick Scott chose to keep Trump and Pence informed but not the one man who can actually do something to assist Florida during this tough time? Seriously?!

Republicans have been disrespecting President Obama for eight years and with 14 days left until Inauguration Day, one would think that Republicans would at least be more respectful. But no, they would rather continue hypocritically calling for unity behind Trump and asking everyone to respect Trump while continuing to disrespect the sitting President of the United States. They would rather pretend that Trump is already president. Republicans couldn’t even show respect to President Obama in the wake of a mass shooting and used it to as opportunity to insult him.

This is the last straw. In no uncertain terms should Democrats step one toe across the aisle to work with Republicans over the next four years and Trump deserves to be disrespected at all times no matter what. Turnabout is fair play. All of Trump’s nominees should be blocked and his agenda obstructed 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year for ALL four years. If disrespect is what Republicans want, then that’s what they should get.

And people were NOT happy about Rick Scott talking to Trump instead of President Obama like he should have done.

This country only has one president at a time and President Obama still has 14 days left. The only thing Rick Scott did is divide America even more today at a time when Fort Lauderdale needed us to come together. But Scott would rather suck up to Trump instead of getting immediate help for his state. Sad.

Featured image via Joe Raedle/Getty Images