Trump Gets Stomped By Twitter After DEMANDING Obama Be Investigated For Sharing ‘Top Secret’ Info (TWEETS)

Uh oh, you guys, President Obama is in trouble! On Friday, Donald Trump expressed outrage — outrage — that he had not yet been briefed on his “best friend” Putin’s campaign to hack his political opponents for him and effectively install a living container of Tang as a puppet-President when NBC received a summary of the report. Sure, the actual, current President saw the report before the media was informed about some details, but The Donald genuinely believes that he should have been briefed before his scheduled Friday meeting.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: why is Trump suddenly so interested in the intelligence briefings he has skipped religiously since forever. Well, this involves him — and his feigned outrage simply gives him another excuse to attack Everyone But Putin. In fact, while Trump doesn’t want anyone to look into Russia’s interference with our election, he is demanding an investigation into the leaked report. That’s right — he doesn’t like leaks now.

This tweet was sent out shortly before Trump was scheduled to receive his own briefing. Naturally, the rest of the world caught on to the fact that he wants Congress to investigate President Obama and any others who may have leaked the information — an interesting turn in opinion on leaks, given his success with his partner Putin during the time running up to the election.


To be clear, the White House denies all responsibility for notifying the media — not of “top secret” information as Trump claims, but of the basics: intelligence agencies have identified multiple Russians they can confirm as having delivered information to Julian Assange — meaning Assange lied when he claimed the info did not come from Russia, and Trump lied repeatedly while mindlessly parroting those claims while taking no interest in the actual investigation.

Friday afternoon, White House spokesman Josh Earnest noted that Trump tweeted a “steadfast defense of the integrity” of Wikileaks, a website run by an alleged rapist who has been hiding from charges for years, and noted that Julian Assange is “the leading purveyor” of the release of classified material.

While Earnest did not directly accuse Trump of being involved in the hack, he told the press that Trump’s tweet-demand for investigations “leads me to conclude that his concerns are about something other than protecting classified information.”

You know, like saving his own ass.

Featured image via Getty Images(Mark Wilson)/screengrab