Racist Far-Right Media BLASTS CNN On Ft. Lauderdale Shooter And Royally F*cks Up (IMAGES)

The xenophobic white supremacists, who hilariously call themselves the “alt-right” to sound more legit and less hateful, took the tragedy at Ft. Lauderdale’s airport earlier today and ran with it – in the way wrong direction. When the shooter was identified as Esteban Santiago, sources like The Gateway Pundit, along with an editor for InfoWars, furiously began hammering CNN for supposedly lightening Santiago’s image to make him look more white.

There’s just one teeny, tiny little problem: The pictures they were circulating are of the wrong Esteban Santiago.

Even more hilariously, when they began circulating these images and blasting CNN, CNN hadn’t even aired an image of the gunman yet. The person they were saying was the shooter is actually of a 39-year old living in New York, who’s on Florida’s sex offender registry.

Here’s what the Esteban Santiago who actually did murder five people at Ft. Lauderdale looks like:

Here is what The Gateway Pundit and others have been circulating:

Many tweets have been deleted, but the Internet never forgets. This is just a blatant attempt to convince people that CNN (and the larger mainstream media) has an anti-white agenda, and probably also to paint them as fake news. People like this are why there’s such a problem with not knowing who and what to trust.

Featured image via screen captures from above tweets